Welcome to the legend of K Yairi guitars.

Handmade in Japan since 1935, K Yairi Guitars are considered as the most beautiful guitars in the world.

K. Yairi guitar workshops are situated in the mountains in Kani, Gifu, Japan, where guitars are hand built since 1935. As you can see in the photos of the workshops nothing has changed for many years.

By continuing to work by hand, old style, K Yairi perpetuates a tradition of the region where instruments have been made for generations. The luthiers cultivate and develop the local expertise, unique in Japan and probably in the world. You will appreciate the painstaking attention to detail, the superb variety of world grade tonewood, and a range of instruments that few other brands can offer. When other US manufacturers invested in tools of mass production, computerized work procedures, and transferred production to Korea, China and elsewhere, using ovens and microwaves to dry the wood, and vulgar bolt-on necks,… K Yairi continues to buy wood for the future, and make instruments by hand, with no compromise to quality. Every neck and dove-tail neck joint is painstakingly hand carved with meticulous precision and attention to detail. Only like this can the musician feel the vibrations in the neck, and the result is fabulous sensations that cannot be procured in any other way. The stability of the wood is an essential factor in the life of an instrument, and its precision.

K Yairi owns vast stocks of tonewood, that is stocked and sorted and waits for years, naturally, before being carefully selected for use. This style of work requires incredible patience and knowledge, as well as a vision of the future and requirements. When you adopt a K Yairi instrument, it is for life. Indeed the guitars have a lifetime guarantee against faulty manufacture. Over and over, those of us fortunate enough to work with K Yairi have been struck with the parallels between this guitar artisan and other fine artists. K Yairi was a master luthier and craftsman. Just as other artists have done through the centuries, he began serving this apprenticeship when he was eleven years old. With careful and meticulous guidance he learned to plan, design and execute exquisite guitars, and guided his team of luthiers with the same level of standards.