Dovetail Neck Joint

Hand carved and fitted.

While a bolt on neck is fine for many models of electric guitars, when it comes to Acoustics this is not true. It takes a Master Craftsman to carve and set a dovetail neck joint. Most manufacturers dont bother any more, as it is labour intensive, and you have to know how to do it. But the truth is that a bolt on neck does not transmit the string vibrations in the same way. It just sounds dead and disconnected from the body. Another point is that bolt on necks have bigger and higher ‘heels’ which make the higher frets inaccessible when you play. The bolts have to be screwed in …. Check out the ergonomy of a K Yairi heel / neck, and you will immediately see the difference. It is simply more playable. Please also note that the neck joint is prolonged under the tops to guarantee the regularity of the fingerboard especially at the junction at the body of the instrument. Enjoy the series of photos showing how this extremely skilled job is done. It is a crime against nature to cut wood to make inferiour and often disposable guitars. Steel string K Yairi guitars are all set with a hand carved, traditionally glued, dovetail neck joint, even the most affordable models. Very few guitar makers can make say this of their guitars.